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Bridging Research & Practice

Creativity in Sport

An initial study by Tufton Sport Psych explored autobiographical accounts of four exceptionally creative sporting individuals from golf, tennis, football and basketball to understand their characteristics, motivations and foundations.


More to come on this exciting new area of research....

The Human-Horse Relationship

This research conducted by Tufton Sport Psych explores elite riders’ understanding of their relationship with their horse by providing commentary of a pre-recorded training session. Whilst recognising that each relationship is unique, the research outcomes suggest a number of consistent factors that contribute to quality rider-horse relationships, and in turn, performance and welfare. This research offers an educational rider-horse relationship framework adapted from a relational coaching model and provides scope for further research.


This research was presented at the 15th Annual International Equitation Science Conference in August 2019.

More to come on this exciting new area of research....

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